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Hoping for the best

     Well today started off pretty well. The weather outside was nice. Not to hot for a summer day. I got to spend the day with Ray before I went to class. I was a little nervous cause I wasn't sure how I was going to be graded on one of my papers. Turns out that my worries had no merit at all. I got an "A" on the paper 14 out of 15! To say the least that excited me. I was so happy with this news that I couldn't wait to share it on FB and tell Ray how well that I did. He also helped a little bit when I had questions prior to turning in the paper. Thank you baby :)

Probably an hour after getting back from class my cell phone ring. The person that was calling me was my mom. Typically she doesn't really call me unless it's important. I so happen to be eating dinner at the time and let the call go to voice mail and didn't think much of it. Most of the time I talk to my parents on a daily basis or every other day or so.

I called my mom back and the opening conversation was pretty general. Then I told her how I did on my paper and she was proud of me. The next thing she told me was really difficult to hear. She mentioned that my dad while in the back yard just simply fell to the ground. He quickly gathered himself to dash in the house to yet fall again. In the process he broke his glasses, his nose, some teeth that cut into his mouth and a few bruises. My mom took him to the emergency room and they told her that they want to keep him overnight.

The reason for the decision of keeping him overnight is that the doctor doesn't really know why he just fell to the ground after be upright. They mentioned my dad's blood pressure was extremely low. My dad suffers from bipolar, dementia and vertigo to make things more difficult to predict what could had caused this sudden health issue. I kind of think he might had a stroke or something like that but I'm no doctor. I'm just "hoping for the best" The biggest issue is that my parents live in Arizona and I live in Maryland but as soon as I told this to Ray he told me if things are bad we will work on getting me out there to be with my dad. I have never had a partner or anyone that I have dated before to be that concern to the level Ray is about me generally.

Just when things were looking good life throws this at me. However, I'm a strong, caring, loving person. This too shall pass and I will get by. I'm surround myself with a great support system and I have my partner Ray to support me as well. It is nice to be loved. I will keep folks updated on my dad's status.



October 2012

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