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Earthquake in MD.... WTH?

So yesterday was going great until the 5.9 Earthquake hit Baltimore, MD and other areas nearby. Ray and I went to Wal-mart and got lunch at subway. We decided to eat something healthier then Mc Donalds. Then we got up got a cart and started to enter Wal-mart. At the main entrance there were grapes in a huge container. I looke d at Ray and I said.... "Hey these would be healthy for us." At that very moment we heard some noise but couldn't figure out what it was. Now any given day at Wal-mart folks know it's loud in there. Plus this Wal-mart is near BWI airport and the planes fly pretty low over the store. Then the shaking of the building began. I looked at the bag of grapes I picked up and was like.... "Son of a bitch! Why won't my grapes stay in the bag?!" I see Ray standing a few feet ahead of me talking on his phone to his neice then all of a sudden the rumble sound got really loud and Wal-mart rocked back and fourth.

I swear to God it was like we were in a you tube video in Japan during an Earthquake. I looked at Ray and he looked at me with the face of WTF? was that?! The thought went in my head that ...."Oh hell a plane just hit the building." At this point things were moving really slow as if I was in the matrix movie. Can't describe it any other way then that really. Just as if time stood still just for me with all the confusion going on. I turned and look behind me and saw these 2 black ladies get up from their chairs at Subway and I mean jolted out of Wal-mart.  Then I felt the concrete floor move like a wave under my feet. As soon as I turned around I just saw a sea of people and a Wal-mart associate that said.... "Everybody outside now!" After that moment I knew we were having an earthquake!

I couldn't see Ray as tall as he is :) as I was being rushed out by the sea of people I got scared for us really quickly. It seemed like forever before I saw my handsome man's face appear outside of the Wal-mart. I tried to call him before he came out but as instant as it all started the phone lines were jammed. Ray told me he kind of froze inside and saw some things fall from the ceiling. He actually seemed amused at what was going on and nowhere scared or shaken up like I was. I could have killed him....LOL but then I saw my handsome man come outside and I knew he was safe :)

I have never experience anything like an Earthquake before in my life. I so don't ever want to do it again. As most of everybody knows there is something special between Ray and I that I have never felt or had before. The thought that crossed my mind that he could still be in there hurt or something like that just killed me inside. I couldn't stop shaking from being so scared of the overall experience and the thought that it could had been worse and I could had lost the love of my life :( but somebody or something didn't let that happen :)

So do I love this man more then anything he can buy me or how much money he has or doesn't have in his checking account? You can bet your doubtfull ass that I do. This is the real thing with Ray and I would had lost it if something were to happen to him yesterday or here on out. I love you baby so very much.



October 2012

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