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You think you know someone

You think that you know someone but I guess there are times when you don't. So my best friend and I are no longer friends. Apparently she can't come to terms that I have found someone that I want to spend my life with and possibly marry some day. Which is odd because she is straight, married and has 3 kids so why can't she let me be happy? A year ago she and her husband let me stay with them and I was thankful for that. She has since has held that over my head ever since. I don't think real friends would do that but call me crazy. She actually threw me out of her house during that time over something dumb and slammed me by text, to friends and facebook then called me crying and want to fix things. I was dumb to go back I guess. I have known her for about seven years and it is hard for me to wonder why she is acting like she is. Then I began to think that wait come to think of it she has been this way with whom ever I have dated. For whatever reason it is worse with Ray. I have tried a couple of times to keep the peace but she goes back to her ways of slamming me and talking about Ray behind my back and his. How do I know this you may ask? Simple, we ran into a mutual friend of her and I at the mall a few weeks back and she blurted out what my so-called BFF thought about Ray. Imagine what Ray thought when he heard that and what I thought. I quickly told this mutual friend that my BFF can't keep her mouth shut and Ray isn't what she says he is to me.

My good friend Colette who I call my sister because we have known each other for 12 plus years doesn't and hadn't like my BFF at all. They have met a couple of times. Though my sister (Colette) and her husband OJ love and adore Ray as much as I do and see that one day we could get married if our state allows it. She has never acted or said any of these things that my so-called BFF would say to me. I guess I'm just too nice and wanted everybody to get along but my so-called BFF doesn't want to play nice. She doesn't mind slamming me to other or on facebook and she does it to all her other friends also. Though I grew some balls when I came back from KY to MD and I don't play games anymore. It has taken me sometime to see who she really is since I've been with Ray and people like Colette, Ray's friends and even my own mother was like your BFF is really not your friend. She only is when it benefits her. I knew this but still wanted to prove these people wrong but sure enough in true form my former BFF shows her true colors and makes me look like a dumb ass.

As most of you all know I have been recovering gall bladder surgery and still need to get it removed. It is the closest pain a man can get to giving birth! Most of you all know that I'm eagerly looking for work and with the economy it hasn't been easy to do. My so called BFF is having a birthday party at a wine festival in west minster, MD. I went last year and it was fun. Last year I had a job and this year I don't. Ray isn't making the money he once had at his other company for me to go. The price of a ticket is $25 bucks. That is a lot when one isn't working and I can't justify going and having a good time with Ray's hard earn money when we barely can get all the bills paid. That only isn't cool but it would make me look horrible to so many people and I'm not using him and don't want to come off that I am because that isn't the case.

So she gets mad that I can't go because I don't have $25 bucks to spare because it is her birthday and slams me on facebook and calls me a name. Really? She was crazy to think I wasn't going to be strong enough to respond to her. Unlike her other friends that are too scared to do so I am not. Our friendship is officially over because of her actions not mine or that I'm picking Ray over her. Of course she would think so but with such a little mind that she has I would not be surprised. I told her that who does she think she is calling me names and slamming me on facebook?! I told her how do you expect me to go and give you $25 when I have no job, no income of any kind? or health insurance to get my surgery that I need to get done?! I told her instead of slamming your so-called friends on facebook you should be more sympathetic to their situation and supportive instead of being such a bitch and taking "No" so personal. What kind of true friend treats you like that and gets bad because you can't afford to do something that they have the job and income to do? My answer not a very good one. So if your going to be that kind of friend well then I simply don't need you in my life.

A special shout out to Veronica and she knows why I say this :) Thank you for being such a good friend to Ray and now me. Your support for us have been outstanding and I love spending time with you and Dan. It is time for me to move on and find more friends like you that actually are supportive and understand what you can and can't do.


You're so very welcome, Sweetie ^_^ Dan and I love you, too!

I emailed something to Ray. Ask him if you may see it. I explained a bit to him why I think this young lady is acting this way.

I had a 'friend' very much like her once. It took finding Dan (and going through very much what you are right now) to finely understand what type of person my 'friend' was.

Good luck to you with this. If you want to talk at anytime, call or email me.


October 2012

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