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Give me wings

The Gospel of friendship according to Frankie Baker:

Chapter 1 verse 1: Bitch please you don't know what it takes to be friends to anyone. A friend doesn't talk about their friends and partners behind their backs like you did me.

Chapeter 2 verse 2: Now thee got caught in doing this and got called out by it. Now 4 months later you texted me?

Chapter 3 verse 3: There is no form of communication that you can reach out to me and try to change my mind about you. I remember how hurtful your words to me and to Ray were. Sure people can change but even the devil turned himself into a snake so I doubt it!

Just crazy that this one person that gave Ray and I so much trouble expects to be friends again? LMFAO she must be either high, insane, or running out of friends. I see her true colors and no matter how she tries to put differently to reach out to me it isn't going to work. When I stopped being her friend I will admit it hurt at first and thought she could change. Then I started looking back even before Ray got in the picture and surprised myself why I was even friends with someone like her to begin with.

I guess simply put it's like if someone sees an animal on the side of the road in danger, pain and hurting. That person takes them in and nurses them back to health not in the imagine as the animal was intended for but in the imagine of the one that saved them. Before the animal notices anything at all you have become something you weren't intended to be. Then comes along another animal of it's own kind and points out what has been going on all this time and why you seemed so out of place and takes off the blinders so the animal can see for itself what is really going on. That the once helper really had no desire to truly help or actually care about the animal. After all just like a bird in a cage would forget how to fly if you don't let it. Simply put formal friend "Give me wings" it's time to let me go.



October 2012

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