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Strong enough to bend

How does one define being strong? Most people would go straight to the visual physique of a person. By physical measures that would be true :)By no means am I a big guy. I don't have any big muscles to speak of. I stand just 5'4 125 to 130 lbs soak and wet. Does that make me weak? Actually just the opposite. The taller they are the harder they fall. People might say things and words to knock me down but little do they know that doesn't phase me.

I'm to the point to where I don't give a fuck what you think of me. Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words and names won't ever hurt me. I get my strength from the inner part of me which is much stronger then the words that fall off your tongue any day of the week. The more you say you seem to see that it just makes me that much more stronger to show you I'm better then what you think that I am.

So if you think it makes you a better Man or Woman for that matter to spew hateful things at me then you go ahead and do so. Honestly, I'm not afraid what you have to say. You have the right to speak your mind but don't be surprised if I flick you off with my middle finger in your face and tell you where to go and how to get there. I might even draw you a map. I'm stronger then anyone thinks that I am. There are things that I deal with on a daily and individual basis that nobody knows about. So do you really think that I have the time to worry about your petty thoughts of me? Bitch please I got bigger fish to fry and you aren't even worth a thought in my mind.

There are things that I have plans for in my life with or without you in it. Don't believe it? Keep pushing my buttons and your luck and you will see who has the last laugh. The world is a lonely and cold place to be. I have been by myself for a long time, been through things that nobody would want to go through so if you think that I need you.... Think again.

Below are some songs that motivate me to be the strongest and best person that I can be.

"Stronger" Kanye West
"Stronger" Brittney Spears
"Strong enough to bend" Tanya Tucker
"Stronger (what doesn't kill you)" Kelly Clarkson
"Since u been gone" Kelly Clarkson
"Not afraid" Eminem
"Make it happen" Mariah Carey
"H.A.T.E You" Mariah Carey
"Sober" Pink


Jeezo man! You post this, then Hotal posts "Challenge accepted". Are you two guys going at each other?

Hope not...


I expressed something, he expressed something. Now, both parties will have to deal with the fall out.

He claims that post had nothing to do with mine. But, the timing is interesting. Regardless, those were some pretty strong words. It's pretty convenient timing I maintain. But, if it was aimed at me and my issue...I will address it when I get home. I have some crooks from MD to deal with first.

Re: No

You have to extend him the courtesy of belief. Then... wait and see.

Either way, you've got his attention. And he'll listen to the song all the way through, I reckon.
Oh God no... thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it very much. I admit the timing is ironic but sometimes things happen at the same time :)The post was in regards to family drama. They seem to make me feel 10 inches tall every now and then. I already feel that tall with the struggles that I'm going through already. So I got overwhelmed. They can't seem not to talk about me from time to time. I didn't call them out and I didn't feel like talking about it so I made a post. I decided to try something different. It seems Ray thought it was about him with the timing of it but it's the God's honest truth it had nothing to do with him at all. Ray, has been nothing but kind, sweet and loving. Sure we have disagreements but who doesn't. I apologize to him for him thinking it was about him. It just so wasn't the case. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are still going strong :)
Thanks for telling me that. I wish you guys only the best and I'm pleased to learn that things aren't as rocky as I feared.

October 2012

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