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The one

     Ok a little bit nervous about my very first journal entry ever so be patient with me. This entry is simply titled "the one" because I have found the one that I can't live without. My mother always told me that when that special someone comes along you will just simply know when they come into your life. Well mom, I finally know what you are talking about because I just have. By no means are him and I are perfect but I will say that he is perfect for me just the way that he is. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him. I will always encourage him to be the best man he can be in every aspect of his life. To do this would only make him and us stronger couple. I see no reason to tear someone apart and be little them. If you Love someone why would you do that? I see so many people do that to each other and I have had that happen to me. I don't understand why people would do this. It just simply doesn't make sense to me or even computes in my way of thinking how I want to treat my partner. I have nothing but good intentions and love to give to this man. I currently don't have a big bank account, a fancy car, a big house or a high paying job. The things I do offer him is my love, soul, heart, trust and dedication. The other things will follow eventually.

   I have dated other guys before but I'm here to tell you and others who may read this entry. No other guy has responded to me like this "man" has to me. There are times where I can't express to him in words how I feel about him. I understand it isn't always going to be a bed of roses everyday. Besides roses do have thorns but as long as trust, love and communication is there between us there is nothing we can't work through. I'm looking forward to seeing how things go for us. I'm thinking of nothing less but a very long term with this man. Some might say how do you know he is the one? I would simply say to them how do you not know he isn't the one? I'm not getting any younger on my end and I know what I want and this man meets what I'm looking for in a partner. By no means does this indicate that I am settling with him because that is so far from the truth. 

  This man has made me so happy everyday. We both look forward each day to see each other. Sure I understand that the honeymoon phase is there and could be already gone and reality does set in. On the same note though I can't wait to see this man whenver I can. Just simply being around him makes my heart skip a beat and puts a big smile on my face. In the time that I have known him I have seen positive changes in him. Not saying he wasn't positive before but I know he has been really hurt in the past and for him to put himself out there and on the line for me just makes me love him more. I'm glad that I can help him be a better person and bring him joy. I have nothing but love to show this man. Hell, we both deserve it and he is so worth it to me to make him nothing but happy.

  Well I don't know what else to say tonight outside that I love this man with all my heart and soul. I just simply want the best for him and for us. I hope that this entry isn't too boring or mushy but in time I will have more experience and a lot more to say.



"Love is an exploding cigar that we willingly smoke"

Frankie, you couldn't ask for a better match.

That is HOTAL as a match, or as the match he holds to your... KABOOM ! ! !

I hope you make each other happy for a long, long time. Good luck to you both.

Re: "Love is an exploding cigar that we willingly smoke"

Thank you very much. I couldn't agree with you more.

October 2012

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