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Is everybody sitting down?

Is everybody sitting down? I have great news to report to everyone. I landed a job and I start on Monday :) I will be working in Glen Burnie as a Customer Service rep for Vet Centric. I'm just so excited to be working again :) It has been a long, hard, difficult, stressful 1 year and 3 months. Doing Customer Service work in a call center enviroment is not my first choice but in this economy it's a job. I have over 5 years in customer service. Though I don't like to do it, I am good at it. I know this from prior mangers, supervisors and bosses that have told me this. So I am going to work hard, go the extra mile, work when they ask, stay extra time or days if needed. To show my new boss that I can be the best customer service representative that they could ever wish for! The job is a temporary job. However, there is no end date. It has potential to go to permanent and I will be competing with others for that opportunity. So my game face will be on. I will use my experience and skills to land a permanent position and look for ways to advance in the company for future career goals.

I am just thankful to be getting out of the house for my sanity. Having a paycheck will allow Ray and I to be able to finally do things with old and new friends. The freedom to have money to buy things again is just so awesome :) The ability to stop the bleeding of my rising debt is going to be a great feeling. Due to not working for over a year one can only imagine the damage that has been done. Slowly but surely I'm going to make the best effort to fix a problem that I had no large control over due to the economy. I can't begin to express to be able to work again :) It's a nice feeling that I will be able to give Ray a break and put those naysayers to rest that I was some kind of gold digger. Now all of you can suck my left big hairy toe... LOL I am more then willing to pay for my own way and and help ease the stress on Ray. Now we can start planning to get our debt under control so that we can start planning for our own place by next year and our future. It sure feels good to be able to think about things like that :) I am truly blessed to have Ray and friends around to help us when we needed the most. Now it's time for us to do the damn thing and get the ball rolling!
Thank you all for all the support :)


Congrats and anytime ^_^

October 2012

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