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Have you ever?

Have you ever cared for someone so much that it actually physically hurts? I love & care for Ray more then he may know or anyone else. I'm so protective of him. I get so angry, pissed, blood pressure rises when someone does him wrong & he can't get a break! I know life isn't fair but the time has come for things to change or I'm going to jack some people up..... mess with my man & you have to deal with me.... period!

Ray works so hard day in and day out. He even works off the clock at home. I know his reason is to secure a permanent position in July in his company & to better his & our future. So when he works at home it doesn't really bother me that much. The thing that does get on my nerves is one of his co-workers. He seems to miss more days then he actually works. His co-worker calls out for the slightest headache, ache or pains. The thing is that he brings it on himself. He does have a condition but he continues to drink and it makes his condition worse. I hate this guy so much for the added stress that this has and can cause Ray. So far, Ray after a year hasn't missed one day, taken a day off, or have been late. In fact, Ray is owed about 15 hours of OT that his temp agency won't pay that his boss needed him to work. Poor Ray can't even use this time to get a day off or anything.

This guy is the complete opposite. I think that he is allergic to work basically. They hired this loser over Ray last year and they aren't getting their monies worth. This guy gets away with murder basically. Both Ray & this guy came from the same temp agency and guess what? Ray is still temping. Ray has more customers, does the most work, covers for this guy, gets thank you letters from VP's and directors of this company. While this other guy has been told to his face that he "sucks" none of his customers what to deal with him. Yet he still has a job?

I really don't get this at all. I hate his co-worker & I don't want to have anything to do with him because he knows Ray will do the job if he isn't there. This co-worker brings on his own sickness because of his drinking. I can't blame anyone else but him being he is responsible for his own actions. This has in the past caused Ray to do his own work then this guy. It kills me to see him work so hard and get nothing in return. Ray needs a break and it angers me that nobody seems to do right by Ray and hire him already. Clearly Ray has
demonstrated that he can do the job & do it well & better then this guy hands down. It's time they do the right thing. We can't seem to get any support to help Ray with any of his medical conditions because he has no insurance and neither do I.

I'm hoping this company does right by Ray and hires him this month. Him & I could really use a break in life. We need to get Ray some insurance to get him on the right track. As far as his co-worker is concerned I could give two shits about him. I care so much for Ray and love him very much. I can't imagine my life without him in it :)



October 2012

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