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Life & Health & Love

Hi everybody... I know it's been awhile since I have been on here. Things have gotten a little crazy. The job from my last post didn't work out. It turned out the company didn't need as many temps that they asked for. However,I did start a new job a couple of weeks ago just very recently. I also enjoyed it very much :) It also improved things at home and Ray's stress level including. Though, as fate would have it at the end of my first week of my new job I got sick. Ray, was driving me to work one day and all of a sudden I started vomiting in the car like Linda Blair. It was a horrible mess & I got really scared what was going on. Ray, did a u-turn and rushed me to the emergency room. For about four days I was stuck in the hospital. I hadn't felt right since my gall bladder was taken out in 9/2011. I was tested for so many things but they couldn't find anything. So it turned out that my tiny little body still hadn't healed properly since the operation in 2011. It appears also that I couldn't digest the bile properly & it was coming out as fast as I would eat anything. It wasn't a fun time with my health this past year. I was starting to get nervous that I still kept having the same symptoms as I did before they took it out. Well, all is good now. It turns out that I had "functional diarrhea" (WTH?)and a nasty infection & bacteria still lingering from the 2011 operation. My jaw drop with their conclusion but I'm glad I know it can be taken care of. So I have two medicines to knock thing out & get my digestive system back on track :)

The bad thing that happened is that while in the hospital I did lose the temp job. I didn't really expect them to hold it after just being there a week. On top of not knowing initially what was wrong with my health I got this news. I was so devastated & thought this is it. I have reached complete bottom. As soon as I thought things were about to change for the good... Life threw in a curve ball. The one constant thing was the love & support from Ray. I have never had a "partner" like him ever. No other partner would had cared, love, support me with all of this, but he did and has. I can't begin to tell you all how much I love this man. I know I'm not perfect & have made mistakes on "our path" but he is worth it for me to do better everyday to be the "partner" he equally deserves.

Though, this post isn't all gloom & doom. A few days later after I got out of the hospital, I had an interview. This company called me prior to accepting the temp job. Though being a man of my word I stuck with the temp job instead. Well, since I lost the temp job while in the hospital I called this company back. They were pleased I was okay & was eager to interview me. So I did it and today on 10/22/2012 they called & told me I was hired. I don't know what to think of this but I am blessed & so thankful. The other plus sides is that the job is Full-Time & a permanent job with benefits :) My hours will be 3-11pm which will be hard at first & I will be missing Ray too but in the long run it's worth it. I can go to the doctors & do errands before I go to work or even take a class or two in the morning. So even though I will be missing Ray a little more it just means that we have to make it work with my schedule & find time on the weekend to do things together :)

I will be back after my first week 11/9/2012 to update how the job is going. Thanks for the support & love & hope everybody is well :)


Good luck in the midst of bad luck. I hope that the good luck rises and the bad luck falls.

October 2012

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